About Startup Business Funder

Trying to fund a new startup business alone is a complex and often fruitless process for many business owners. Most people jump through hoops applying for loans only to get denied, wasting precious time. Startup Business Funder was started to help entrepreneurs bypass all that difficulty and fund their business quickly and easily.

After a speedy approval process, we provide a funding estimate. Following your approval, we begin acquiring your funding. We are often able to exceed the initial funding goal and give you the option to increase your funding.

Our proprietary rapid underwriting and funding acquisition process takes what is normally a long process and shortens it to a matter of days. Let Startup Business Funder assist you on your way to great success!

Our Values

As a company made up of great, motivated individuals, we have dedicated ourselves to four core values:

Above And Beyond

Going above and beyond is all about doing the most we can for our customers, instead of simply the basic that is required for success. We are always doing a little extra to turn our clients from satisfied customers, into active, vocal fans of Startup Business Funder.

Excellence In Customer Service

We fund our clients, but our clients fund us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to put their needs above all else. Excellent Customer Service begins with outstanding responsive communication and proactive actions. Our clients know their progress and the expected timelines at all times.

Always Be Learning

Change is constant and we can either fall behind or progress and grow. Every team member at Startup Business Funder has the opportunity to advance their career path by progressing through their role today and learning for their role tomorrow. Our success comes from our team not being stuck in repetition, but by always innovating and helping our company grow.

Everyday Passion

We start every day with passion, inspiration and a positive attitude. Every problem has a solution, all it requires is an positive mind to discover the solution. We don’t accept “can’t” as an answer because if we did that, our business wouldn’t be here today.

Our Services

  • Funding Viability Assessment
  • Expert Consulting
  • Startup Funding
  • Entity Creation
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Website Creation