Success Stories

At Startup Business Funder we have helped our clients acheive over ten million in funding. Your funding goals are specifically tailored to your unique situation and your special business needs.

Can Staratup Business Funder really help you? Yes! We’ve helped thousands of business owners just like you achieve funding and realize their dreams.

Here are just a few of our many success stories.

R. Fairman
Finet Inc.
$65,000 In Funding

"Startup Business Funder has been great! They have been helpful in getting my online business going with marketing quickly. This makes me confident and increases my ability to reaching the community."

- Ron Fairman, CEO

*Individual results may vary

N. Wiebmer
The Racers Line
$38,000 In Funding

"Any small business start-up knows how hard it is to secure funding. Startup Business Funder made the process quick and painless! Multiple people kept up to date with me throughout the entire process and responded very quickly to my questions."

- Neal Wiebmer, Owner

*Individual results may vary

V. Quintana
Elite Dance Studio
$50,000 In Funding

"I thought landscaping was hard work. Trying to find funding in this economy is not just difficult, it’s almost impossible.

Even when the funds had been deposited in my bank account (in four days!), I still couldn’t believe it."

- Victoria Quintana, Owner

*Individual results may vary